André Gonçalves - Product Designer

I'm André, a generalist product designer with a background in crafting innovative software. I merge creativity and strategy to shape the product and the experience of these projects.

Alguna logo

AlgunaFounding Designer

Help building a modern B2B SaaS pricing platform. Shaping its brand, user experience, product design, direction, and culture.

Sip logo


Steering the design and product of Sip, the popular Mac OS color picker loved and trusted by thousands of designers and developers.



Improved direct manipulation for prototype features, co-redesigned the inspector, dividing design and prototype into two tabs, and designed Overlays, Sketch's major feature launched that year.


Designed a mobile app for baseball with personalized instruction, a job platform for 400k+ diverse users, and a video streaming platform that simplifies the deployment of "shoppable" interactive video.


Contributed to various disciplines within product design to build and launch digital products. Led a team of talented designers spanning across London and New York.


Fun experiments, freelance work, and side projects pursued for enjoyment, outside of formal work engagements.