Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia partnered with Studio, to improve its e-commerce platform. We conducted a UX audit and redesign to align the platform with the brand's identity and enhance user experience.

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The homepage underwent a redesign to improve navigation and discoverability. Additionally, efforts were made to ensure consistency and responsiveness across platforms.


Improved to make it easier to find what you need. On desktop, all products are now visible in a dropdown menu, making them easier to discover. On mobile, we switched to a left-to-right navigation for simpler access.

We've set uniform icon sizes: clickable icons are 32 pixels, informational ones are 16 pixels. They now boast simple geometric shapes, aligning with our website's clean aesthetic.

Product Detail

We've revamped our product detail pages to make shopping easier. You'll now find it simpler to select items and see important details clearly. Plus, we've introduced a persistent 'Buy' button on mobile.


The My Fit section was upgraded to offer users a personalized shopping experience. Users can now customize preferences and sizes for tailored product recommendations.

Cart Scenarios

We ensured that every aspect harmonized with the site's design. This included thorough testing on both mobile and desktop devices. Our objective was to maintain a unified and minimalistic shopping experience, ensuring consistency throughout.