Revamped Creatively's UI/UX, a prominent platform for creatives boasting 400k+ users and 2.9k brands, known for its diversity. I led initiatives like profile gamification, improved project creation and showcase, and various refinements.

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Enjoyable and clear, we guide users on what to add, helping them showcase themselves better and become more attractive to potential collaborators and employers.

Profile progress


Improved Creatively's icon design to ensure a consistent and clear visual style. This involved making sure each icon represented the platform well and could be easily scaled and used across different parts of the interface.


I worked on refining the project creation and viewing experience. Our goal was to simplify the process and enhance visual presentation, enabling users to effectively display their work and attract meaningful opportunities.

Create Project
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A clear timeline presented users' work experience and education, making it easy to view past employers and the skills needed for each role.